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Recycled Type 1 - Brick & Concrete

Discover the Advantages of Recycled Recycled Type 1 Material

Recycled Type 1 material is your solution for sustainable and cost-effective constructio. As an eco-friendly alternative to traditional materials, Recycled Type 1 not only contributes to a greener environment but also provides a budget-friendly option for your projects.

Why Choose Recycled Type 1?

- Cost Savings: Recycled Type 1 offers an economical choice without compromising quality or durability.
- Versatile Use: It's suitable for various applications, including sub-base preparation and road construction.
- Proven Strength: Our Recycled Type 1 meets industry standards for robustness and stability.
- Local and Eco-Friedly; it supports the local economy and reduces environmental impact.
-Affordability: Enjoy cost savings while maintaining material integrity and performance.
-Environmental Responsibility: By choosing Recycled Type 1, you actively contribute to reducing landfill waste.

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Ready to enhance your construction project with Recycled Type 1 ware eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for your building needs.

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Recycled Type 1 Concrete

My name is Alexa Young

Recycled Type 1 Concrete is the Puriest Recycled type 1 can get, its quite hard to source but don't worry with our large network of suppliers we can increase your odds of getting this type of material at your fingertips. weather we sourse type 1 hertford or get type 1 from dunmow we have will make sure it gets to your site whilst you can get on with what you know best leave this leg work to us.


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How is Type 1 made and what is it good for?

Recycled type 1 is made by hardcore being extracted from various building sites then its taken to a crushing recycling centre where by it is put through a big machine that separates and crushes it down to different sizes whilst removing any impurities and metal.

What is type 1 good for:

-Building land levels up

-Structurally strengthen the ground to make a sub base hard standing

- Great as sub base before Pouring Concrete

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