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Primary Aggregates

Sand, Ballast, MOT, Topsoil, Gravel, Graded Limstone and Turf

Your Leading Aggregate Supplier. If your are in need of sand in essex, Topsoil in harlow or a gravel supplier for your driveway we can help you. Our primary aggregates are virgin materials certified from a quarry. They are not secondary products. The beauty of primary aggregates is that go to waste management can deliver you aggregates where ever you are in england scotland and wales. We have a large variation of aggregates to choose from call us today for a fast free quote.



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Aggregates Essex

How can primary Aggregates be Delivered

Gravel supplier St Albans


Loose on a Tipper

1-20 Tonne Loads Available to be tipped onsite ready for your use


Bulk Bags

Should you need them Bagged we offer them in 850KG Dumpy Bags


Grab lorry

Delivering 5-18 Tonne loose or Bagged Loads with the convenient use of Grab High Ab to lift over fences but to also save you a costing and can have a muckaway at the same time

How are Primary Aggregates made?

At the core of our dedication to quality lies the intricate process of crafting primary aggregates, like the limestone for our premium sub base. These raw materials originate deep within the earth, carefully extracted through precise excavation. The limestone deposits, situated beneath the surface, undergo a meticulous journey to ensure the highest level of purity and performance in our products. Through a series of deliberate steps, these virgin elements are transformed into the very aggregates that form the robust matierals of our offerings.

The journey commences with the excavation of limestone, a process that demands meticulous planning and precision to unearth these essential components. Once brought to light, the limestone proceeds through a sequence of grading wash plant, with each stage meticulously designed to refine the aggregates to specific grades. This guarantees that the final product meets the exact standards we uphold. Similarly, the raw sand, found beneath the clay layer, undergoes its own transformation. Extracted from the earth and meticulously screened, our sand is the result of a natural process that certifies its exceptional quality.

These primary aggregates, carefully sourced and meticulously processed, stand as a testament to the commitment to excellence. The limestone and sand, extracted and refined through a methodical process, compose the foundation of our subbase materials. As trusted sand suppliers in Essex and topsoil suppliers in Ongar, we take immense pride in delivering aggregates, including MOT Type 1, that embody unmatched purity and performance, contributing profoundly to the success and longevity  of your projects.

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