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Landscaping Bark

Welcome to Go To Waste Management, your premier Play bark supplier and compost supplier in the UK! We specialize in providing top-quality landscaping bark, play bark, and decorative bark, perfect for a wide range of applications. Whether you're looking to beautify your planters and walkways or create a robust play area, we have you covered.

Landscaping Bark:

Our landscaping bark is carefully selected to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. It not only adds a natural and rustic charm but also serves practical purposes like weed suppression and moisture retention. Whether you're a homeowner or a landscaping professional, our landscaping bark is an ideal choice for creating visually appealing and low-maintenance gardens.

Play Bark:

Safety and fun are paramount when it comes to play areas, and our play bark is designed with this in mind. As a leading play bark supplier, we understand the importance of providing a cushioned surface that minimizes injuries during playtime. Our play bark meets safety standards and offers a soft, impact-absorbing surface that keeps kids safe while they have a blast.

Decorative Bark:

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space? Our decorative bark is the answer. It's perfect for mulching around flower beds, trees, and shrubs, giving your garden a polished and professional appearance. With our decorative bark, you can transform your garden into a stunning and well-maintained oasis.

At Go To Waste Management, we take pride in our ability to source high-quality bark products from across England, Scotland, and Wales. This ensures that you have access to the best materials for your landscaping and play area needs. Our extensive network of suppliers allows us to offer a diverse range of bark products to suit your specific requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner, a landscaper, or a playground designer, you can trust us to be your leading Decorative bark supplier in the UK. We are dedicated to providing exceptional products and outstanding customer service.

Contact us today to discuss your landscaping bark, play bark, or decorative bark needs. Let us help you create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that you, your family, and your clients will love. Go To Waste Management – Your trusted source for all your bark supply needs!

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Choose Your product, weather you need bark, compost or a robust playground surface please we can help you.


How Many Bulk Bags?

Our Bark/ Compost Comes in Cubic metre Bulk bags or LOOSE 1 cubic metre covers 10SQM approximately



We can deliver as soon as next working day although some areas may vary. Speak to us to book your delivery slot. We recommend deliveries to be scheduled a day before works are carried out in the event of unavoidable delays workman are not waiting around.

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