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6F2/ 6F5

 Your Source for Affordable 6F5 Recycled Aggregates and Comprehensive Waste Management Services


Welcome to Go to Group your trusted partner for cost-effective construction solutions. As a reputable recycled aggregate supplier Essex, we specialize in providing a range of materials, including the budget-friendly 6F5 recycled aggregates. These materials are perfect for filling holes, raising land levels, and managing projects without breaking the bank.

About 6F5 Recycled Aggregates

Our 6F5 recycled aggregates are a practical choice for various construction needs. With a size range of 0-75mm appox, these aggregates are ideal for filling voids, creating foundations lower base layers, and building up land levels. While they might contain impurities and foreign objects, they offer a reliable solution for projects where cost-efficiency is a priority.

In addition to our aggregates, we offer comprehensive waste management services. We can remove your old foundations, debris, and unwanted materials at the same time as we deliver your 6F5 recycled aggregates. This integrated service ensures a smoother construction process and a clutter-free worksite.

Why Choose 6F5?

- Cost-Effective: Opting for our 6F5 recycled aggregates showcases your commitment to practicality and budget-conscious solutions.
- Versatility: Our 6F5 recycled aggregates are well-suited for filling holes, building up land levels, and supporting various construction tasks.
- Quality Control: While these aggregates might contain impurities and foreign objects, we still ensure that they meet basic quality standards for your peace of mind.
- Extensive Network: As a dedicated recycled aggregate supplier in Essex, we connect you with the best solutions for your project needs.

Our Services

At Go to Group, we're more than a waste management broker service. We're your partners in providing affordable construction materials and ensuring a hassle-free project experience. Our services include:

- Aggregates Sourcing: Leverage our extensive supplier network to find the ideal recycled materials for your needs.
- Waste Management Services: Simplify your project by utilizing our waste removal services in conjunction with your aggregate delivery.

Join Us in Building Prudently

Experience the difference of working with a dedicated provider of 6F5 recycled aggregates, comprehensive waste management services, and other cost-effective construction solutions. At Recycled Stone, we understand the importance of managing projects within budget while maintaining quality. Choose us for your next project and achieve your goals without unnecessary costs.


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How can primary Aggregates be Delivered

Gravel supplier St Albans


Loose on a Tipper

1-20 Tonne Loads Available to be tipped onsite ready for your use


Bulk Bags

Should you need them Bagged we offer them in 850KG Dumpy Bags


Grab lorry

Delivering 5-18 Tonne loose or Bagged Loads with the convenient use of Grab High Ab to lift over fences but to also save you a costing and can have a muckaway at the same time

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